The 101 In Nest Decorating For Newly Weds


Tastefully done, romantic bedrooms are believed to increase the closeness and high connectedness in each and every couple especially newly married ones. How to decorate a newly married couple’s room is not something the friends or family worry about anymore. The trend of outsourcing wedding planning to event management companies made it possible to have the best day without worrying about the venue, guest lists, marriage decorations or caterers.

Now that the fairy tale wedding is over and the high-end custom made decorations are off, you need to look at the space you are going to spend together for a long time. Nowadays everything is at your fingertips and finding your ideal home is much easier with sites like

If you are like most of the folks, bedroom decoration and customization will be way down your priority list. You’ll end up allocating most of your resources and time to the most visible, shared spaces. Arguably the most intimate space gets the least attention it deserves. Making yourself a cozy love nest doesn’t have to be a daunting, bank breaking endeavor anymore.

Do it together: From the get go, both parties’ requirements should be taken into consideration, and sensible choices are made. You might be pleasantly surprised to find an artistic eye or great sense of trend in your spouse. Dreaming and doing it together can also help in settling on more reasonable picks and avoid contention later on.


Plan ahead and choose an inspiration: It’s always best to set out after taking an inventory and knowing what your requirements and resources are. Zeroing in on your style inspiration, will better equip you to handle the budget and shop efficiently.

Splurge on quality: The extra money you spend on quality material, furniture, upholstery, and linen will be well worth in the long term. Excellent comfort and quality décor set the tone of your bedroom.

Tasteful Accessorizing: More is not better when it comes to accessorizing your living space. A minimal number of elegant pieces will be enough to turn your space classy. By adding flowers, decorative items, and paintings, you can give the ambiance a boost and positivity.

Make a statement with colors, textures, and lighting: Inviting color palette and textures play a vital role in setting the mood of the room. The colors of the curtains, walls, furniture, carpets, etc. should complement each other. Light is a crucial element. Lack of sufficient light will give the room dull and depressing effects while rightly placed and adjusted it can render ideal romantic undertones.

By installing lighting fixtures suitable for different moods, you can create surreal effects. Though we cannot do much to increase the size of the room, by choosing the right color, light settings and critical piece placement you can create the desired effect.

Personalize your space While the thought of living in a pottery barn catalog may seem alluring, your most personal space ought to be a cozy retreat you just can’t get enough of. Your love nest should be the most inviting, relaxed retreat than a page out of a home decor magazine. Comfort and elegance should set the vibe and statement pieces with personal memories will add to the charm.

Are you ready to set up your love nest?

Picking Your First Home – Words Of Wisdom For Newlyweds

First Home

Hello, newlywed couples! First up we would like to wish you a very happy married life ahead. Most of the couples after getting married think about buying a nest of their own. Here is some piece of advice if you are looking to do the same. Buying a new home is as difficult as choosing your marriage decoration theme or choosing unique stage décor for your wedding. Here is a simple guide for newlyweds which we believe will help in making the right decision. As states, there are plenty of opportunities available if you are planning to buy a home.

There are a lot of challenges before you decide to buy a new home. Therefore, even before you think about what kind of home you want to buy, it is best to have a discussion with your partner about some basic questions.

Credit Score If you mean business about buying a home, credit score is one of the first things you should start thinking about. Some couples are smart enough to have this discussion before marriage itself, avoiding the awkwardness later. It is also believed that credit score is the make or break factor in their relationship. Even before you approach a lender, find out what our credit score is. There are many websites that can help you with this for a small fee.

wedding couple in new home

Location What you are planning to do in future plays an important role in choosing your home. For example, if your plan is to work in the same location, then buying a house there with a long-term mortgage would be a better choice. If you could choose a fixed rate of interest, you will be able to plan your payments also. If you feel like you will be moving in few years which could be to a larger home or move closer to your family etc. you can think about choosing a fixed interest rate mortgage for the first few years.

Raising Kids Raising kids is a huge responsibility. Many of you might think this is not something to think about now as you’ve been just married. The reason it is to be considered is that it is going to affect the income of the family. The income also affects how much you can afford to buy a new home. It is understandable that the mortgage is on a long-term basis and that your income might change considerably over the next few years. If one of you decide to stay at home to take care of the kids, then your income will be half of what you have now. Therefore, think about this before taking the plunge.

The Negatives This is a happy time for you. However, you must consider all options before making that big decision. What would happen to your home if you’re hit with untimely death or divorce? Dividing your assets is a decision you should be willing to make in that case. This can be done while choosing the tenancy type. Depending on what you feel, you can go for single ownership or joint ownership where both of you have equal rights on the property. In this case, even if one partner dies, the ownership automatically shifts o the surviving partner.

Think wisely and choose what works best for both of you.